Since training began, 464 volunteers in 34 groups have completed the initial training programme. Currently there are 72 volunteers on the list.

Following the awarding of Life Membership to Patricia Cherry in 1995, the following people have also been awarded the honour:

Life Members:

2000 - Viki Elphinstone
2002 - Verna Smith, Bett Fishwick, Stan French
2003 - Barbara Schmidt, Mary Stevens, Betty Hinds
2005 - Shirley Wilson
2006 - Robert Hatto, Pam Wright, Vicki Jeffrey
2007 - Damian Thompson, Ken Moore
2008 - Sue Jordon, Lyn Alcock, Kathy Winduss
2010 - Cecilie Radford, Carol O'Neil, Mike Ward, Jim McMahon, Rita Johnson
2011 - Glynn Williams, Jan Nes, Geraldine Rockliff